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Looking for a flat? Lean back while landlord replies come straight to your inbox. We apply to affordable, unfurnished flat listings on your behalf, as soon as they are online. Never miss most desired flats in Berlin or other German cities. Flat hunting for €82/month.
✅ We will check new apartment listings all day long ✅ We will identify apartments matching your criteria ✅ We will message landlords to request a viewing
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1. Sign up and share your dream apartment details, such as size, budget, etc.

2. Relax as we swiftly oversee the major apartment platform, small local platforms, and others for matching listings. Once found, we'll send a personalized viewing request in your name.

3. Receive a notification when a landlord expresses interest. With your foot in the door, it's your turn to attend the viewing and seal the deal!
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Be at the top of their inbox. We’re that fast.

No matter if you're at work, out for dinner or asleep. Get The Flat is constantly on the lookout for new apartment listings that match your criteria.

We send messages within minutes of the listing going online. Maximize your chances with minimal effort!

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Stand out from the crowd and present your best self

Getting invited to viewings has a lot to do with how you present yourself to the landlord. Our team is specialized in writing messages that maximize your chances of success!

We have years of experience in the German rental apartment market and know what landlords want to hear!

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Praise for Get The Flat

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Choose an earlier starting date if you need to find a flat soon. On average it takes 6 months to find a flat in Berlin or other big German cities. With Get The Flat, you can find a flat up to 3x faster.

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Is it even possible to find an affordable flat in big cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich?

Some people are very lucky and find a flat on their first attempt. For everyone else, it feels almost impossible to be successful with their flat hunting. It seems like there are no affordable flats at all. However: affordable flats exist. And you have chances to find them. You just usually will not find a flat at your first attempt, because of the large number of people applying. It's a game of numbers and speed: you have to increase your number of attempts and you have to be very fast. The best flats on online platforms receive up to 200 requests in one hour (and more than 1000 a day). Your chances are low if you are not among the first applicants. You won't even see most flats: many landlords disable flat listings quickly since they don't want to deal with the large mass of requests and don't want to have overcrowded viewings. We raise your chances:

Be among the first applicants for a flat.

Don't miss flats because you are busy. We apply to flats while you shower, sleep or are out with your friends.

We contact high-desired flats, before the listing is taken offline.

Be on flat viewings with less competition.

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Frankfurt am Main

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All our monthly spots are taken very quickly.
Make sure to book your spot as early as possible.

Effortless apartment hunting without breaking the bank.

Our fair-priced packages maximize your success. Cancel anytime.

Stop wasting time. Take the shortcut to your new home now!

Here's what you'll get:

Our dedicated team searches online portals all day long for apartments that match your criteria.

We send personalized messages to landlords, significantly increasing your success rate.

Instant notifications when a landlord responds, keeping you in the loop.

Rest easy knowing we handle all the heavy lifting, so you can use your time as you wish.

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